Brazilian Hacker to Create Decentralized Social Network for Education

A technology enthusiast, hacker wants to help people who seek training in the field.

A famous Brazilian hacker said she is studying Bitcoin and blockchain technology to create a teaching application, she hopes to use cryptomoeda in her solution.

Considered an area on the rise today, the technology has attracted attention and provided job opportunities. Few people, however, have the necessary knowledge to work in the area.

Ana Carolina (25) devotes part of her time to helping people. Today she even develops a technological solution with a French friend, whom she met virtually in the midst of the pandemic.

The idea of the application called „OOTOPIA“ is to decentralize education for people.

Brazilian Hacker studies a lot about Bitcoin and blockchain technology to create education application

Owner of the YouTube channel „Computação Sem Caô“, Brazilian hacker Nina Da Hora is a technology Bitcoin Union Review. With her video channel, for example, she has spent some time teaching technology in recent years.

In addition, Nina is behind the Ogunhê podcast, which talks to African scientists about various subjects. A resident of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, she claims to be an anti-racist hacker and computer scientist.

In the midst of the OVID-19 pandemic, Nina Da Hora met the Frenchman Florian Fournier, founder of OOTOPIA. The startup raised about R$90,000 in a crowdfunding, which should help develop the solution.

In a conversation with Wirex Festival Brasil, Nina then spoke more about the project. According to the hacker, Bitcoin and blockchain technology have been studied by the OOTOPIA team.

The goal is to create a social education network with rewards for students, perhaps even in cryptomoeda. With the idea of decentralizing education, the project will highlight not only the teacher, but everything that is shared in the application.

Despite her involvement in several projects, Ana still has more goals. One of them is to create a computer school in her current city.

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