Chainlink BUILD Program Welcomes Akron Finance to Accelerate DeFi Adoption

• Chainlink announces Akron Finance as the newest member of the Chainlink BUILD program.
• The goal of Akron Finance is to offer users low-friction trading for large crypto positions through its decentralized exchange.
• Benefits of joining the Chainlink Build Program include access to secure and reliable market data, automation of swap functions, and access to new product releases.

Chainlink Welcomes Akron Finance

Chainlink has welcomed long-term participants and supporter Akron Finance to theChainlink BUILD program. As part of this announcement, both platforms have agreed that AkronFinance will make 5% of its native token supply available to Chainlink service providers, including stakers.

Purpose of Joining Chainlink Build Program

AkronFinance highlighted security and reliability as key reasons for joining the Chainlink BUILD program. This will allow them to maximize the benefits of security and reliability that Chainlink oracle infrastructure provides in order to accelerate awareness and adoption of their platform.

Benefits for Akron Finance

As part of BUILD, AkronFinance will receive a number of key benefits such as access to secure, high quality market data through Chainlinks Price Feeds; the ability to seamlessly automate a swap function through access to chain link automation; and priority support from within the entire chain link ecosystem.

Long Term Active Participant & Supporter

It is worth noting that both parties have already crossed paths, as AkronFinance reveals that it has been a long-term active participant and supporter of Chain Link since before joining build. This means they already have an established relationship with chain link which can only be improved upon with their participation in build.

Maximizing Security & Reliability

For AkronFinance their participation in chain link BUILD allows them to maximize on security and reliability offered by chain links oracle infrastructure when it comes accelerating awareness about their platform within DeFi space allowing more users access low friction trading for large crypto positions through use if their decentralized exchange feature.

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