Conflux and World Mobile Join Forces to Bring Blockchain-Based Mobile Access to the World

Chainwire Conflux Network and World Mobile Join Forces

  • Chainwire Conflux Network, the first regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China, has announced a collaboration with World Mobile.
  • The two companies will initially work together in four areas: bridging tokens, technical integration, market expansion and SIM card development.
  • This partnership will see the two businesses leverage their respective strengths to increase digital connectivity across the world.

Bridge Tokens from Cardano Blockchain into Conflux Ecosystem

World Mobile Token (WMT) will bridge from Cardano blockchain into the Conflux blockchain ecosystem and be the first bridge outside the Cardano ecosystem for the mobile network’s native token.

Technical Integration of Conflux Network into World Mobile’s Sidechain

World Mobile and Conflux will collaborate on the technical integration of the Conflux network into World Mobile’s sidechain, AyA, bringing EarthNode capabilities and financial settlement to the Conflux network.

Market Expansion in Asian and African Markets

Conflux and World Mobile have strong presence in Asian and African markets respectively. The two businesses will work together to leverage these strengths to increase connectivity, drive user acquisition and further market penetration in key markets.

Blockchain-based SIM Card Development

The two companies also plan to collaborate on how best to use Conflux’s blockchain-based SIM card to increase access to digital connectivity across the world.

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