Crypto Investor Review – Is This Auto-Trader Legit?

If you are thinking it could be beneficial to sign up to the auto-trading platform known as Crypto Investor. We’ve thoroughly researched this trading platform on the web and concluded that it’s completely fraudulent. Thus, any deposit you make as well as the data you supply could be taken or stolen by you. There are many scam websites that are similar to Crypto Investor, such as Anon System and the Crypto Bull App. They’re created to steal funds from traders and expose their personal information to scam websites.

Crypto Investor

The purpose of this article is to review the Crypto Investor platform. we’ll make our intention to dig more deeply into Crypto Investor to tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t be using it. We’d also like to inform you of the signs that you may encounter a fraudster auto-trader system to lessen the risk. Auto-trading platforms are advantageous to all when they are working. We’re going to provide you with details on legitimate platforms we’ve extensively reviewed. So, you’ll get the guidance you need to select the right platform.

Read on for the remainder of our Crypto Investor review. You can also directly to a reputable platform like Crypto Engine.

Is Crypto Investor a Legit Trader Bot? NO!

  • At TrustPedia we provide legitimacy scores, and we find the fact that Crypto Investor only gets two percent. The primary goal of Crypto Investor is to attract new customers however it can using deceptive methods.
  • Crypto Investor has no accuracy whatsoever, which is why it’s currently at 0. We’ve received numerous complaints from traders who’ve suffered significant losses using the online-trader.
  • Our comprehensive test has revealed that the entire website-trader platform is a rip-off. It’s a simple website that mimics a trading platform, however, it’s not a part of the proper set of rules that can do anything useful.
  • Find out further on Crypto Investor below. It is also possible to read a verified platform’s review. Take a look at Bitcoin Pro and Crypto Engine right now.

What’s Crypto Investor?

Crypto Investor is supposed to be an auto-trading platform which is able to be used for trading several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

The truth is, TrustPedia has investigated the website thoroughly and determined that it’s a total scam. It is possible to lose every dollar you put into it. Many people take a few minutes using the site to conduct live trades, but do not earn any profit while depleting the money on their account.

TrustPedia tried to do live tests on Crypto Investor, but we observe that there is no rulebook used, and the system doesn’t actually conduct live trades. The earnings are predetermined and you’re likely be losing consistently. In this regard, we are 99.9 hundred percent certain.

The Results Explained for Crypto Investor

We’ve found Crypto Investor to be one of the scams that are easy to spot available.

It also claims that you’ll make a fortune from it. It actually provides so many false claims that it made our heads spin and we were unable to figure out the truth. The aim of the business is to make you make a minimum deposit of $250 to your account. Once you have done that, it disappears although the company says that you put it in and then lost the entire amount.

The website claims as a Web-based Trader however, it’s a fake. Additionally, it provides brokerage platforms which aren’t real and aren’t regulated or have registration.

As with many other scam platforms Its primary objective is to extort cash from those experiencing financial difficulties. It is the people who need financial security most. TrustPedia is a ploy to take advantage of you in the belief that it will help you to increase your wealth. In general, they start with an email that is spam which is reason why you’re on the TrustPedia website to know more about the scam.

Ridiculous and Fake Testimonials

Have you seen photos of people sitting in aircrafts? They usually have captions that inform you that the photo was taken during a posed session. But, anyone can hire a plane to capture photos of themselves. Many do this and pretend to are the owner of the jet. They then have these pictures displayed online on Crypto Investor, and you are told that the person has made enough money from Crypto Investor that they can be able to afford these luxury items.

Others are depicted as being covered by the form of money. This time, the story is the money because they utilized Crypto Investor. This is a false advertisement and is not true at all. In general, scam platforms employ these techniques in the hope that you will be enthralled by their potential, and then eventually, you will pay the online trader.

TrustPedia has demonstrated that the reviews posted that are posted on their site are not genuine and the reviewers are actors who were employed. Beware that any platform offering auto-trading with testimonials from people who have an excessive amount of money or with expensive goods is likely to not be authentic. TrustPedia makes this procedure simpler since we provide complete and impartial reviews.

You should read the review of Bitcoin System or Profit Revolution If you’re looking to think about trustworthy trading platforms.

Fake Partner Brokers and Web-trader

The website-based trading platform in Crypto Investor is just a page. It appears to be like real trading platforms are available on legitimate websites, but this isn’t the case. In reality, there’s not an algorithm that goes through the market and finds the most profitable bargains. The results that this website generates are predetermined. There is a chance that you will win a small amount, allowing you to keep trading however, in the end you’ll lose the money. There are no live transactions through this site. As with a range of scam platform, Crypto Investor depends on brokers to facilitate deposits. Brokers that aren’t authentic. There is no law on the table here. This means you don’t have any option to hold the broker accountable and does not have to be held accountable to you for the money it has. We believe that all deposits made on this site by the brokers listed are taken and never reclaimed.

You should make sure that the brokers you use who are listed on the auto-trading platforms are legally regulated. If you’re working with cryptocurrency broker or Forex, your choices include those that are regulated by CySec, ASIC, FSB or FCA. If the broker doesn’t have an affiliation with a regulator or has rules from other countries it is best to stay away from it as well as the auto-trading platforms. To learn more about what an authentic platform-broker must be, read our review on forexTB and CPL One Review.

No Ability to Withdraw Money and Unsafe Practices

We’ve discovered the fact that Crypto Investor doesn’t have any privacy policies regarding data. In reality, it seems that it stores your billing information that can be accessed by hackers or sold to third-party sellers. It’s not secured neither. Your information could be stolen as soon as you fill it in the form. Information about your bank account can be copied and then retrieved. Similar to other platforms for fraud, Crypto Investor doesn’t allow users to withdraw funds. The money you put into the account can’t be withdrawn. Other brokers allow this to test the theories. The fraudster on this platform is ultimately sharing the deposit with brokers. Although you think that the transactions are legitimate and authentic but you are losing money in the live trading. If you discover what’s going on it’s impossible to get the remainder of your funds to be refunded. Anyone who tries to block the site for a long time.

It is possible to request withdrawal however, don’t expect anyone else to reply. While the email address is listed however, it’s not working as we have found. We did ask a few basic questions, that were listed on the sign-up page. But, we did not receive any response. Requests for withdrawals are bound to be denied. If you’re insistent that you want to withdraw, the account’s owners could shut the account down to stop you from asking for withdrawals in the future.

What Is Crypto Investor?

We’ve found this online trading site to be total fraud in our investigation.

Information you supply to the platform can be lost or stolen, and any deposit you make are deemed to be ineligible. Anon System and Crypto Bull App are the other fraudulent cryptocurrency platforms, however Crypto Investor is more unscrupulous.

The platform was created to take the money of clients and reveal their personal information to other fraudulent websites. In this article, you’ll learn about the negatives that come with making use of Crypto Investor to invest in markets for cryptocurrency.

Is Crypto Investor Legit? Our Verdict

It is clear that we have been telling you all through this article the fact that Crypto Investor is a fake website-based trader that doesn’t offer live trading or an algorithm. If you’re still not figuring it out by now We don’t think anyone could convince you otherwise.

This platform is a perfect example of having all the hallmarks of a fraudulent auto-trading system. We’re absolutely certain that you will lose money that you deposit on this platform. In fact, we are concerned that your personal details could be available to fraudsters and hackers. Our thorough investigation has revealed that there aren’t any protections for data policies in existing. Furthermore, Crypto Investor appears to give your information to other organizations without asking permission or focusing on your protection.We have thoroughly tested bitcoin optimizer as well as the other legitimate platforms that are mentioned in the review. So, you’re sure to make money even however, the amounts may differ. It’s contingent on the market as well as other elements however, they have the potential to make money.

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