Hungarian politician resigns after illegal mingling of Bitcoin

A prominent Hungarian politician resigned because he was caught liking Bitcoin.

Reportedly, he was involved in the theft of electricity from the office premises. Also, the mining rigs in the government buildings are said to have been on.
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Bitcoin mins

The person in question is Tamás Borka-Szász. He was the chairman of the District Finance and the District Development Committee. For more than ten years he was a member of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP).

Borka-Szász resigned immediately after a search of his premises by the police. As a result, he is no longer active as a politician. During the search, „several computers“ were confiscated that were probably also Bitcoin miners. The local news medium hvg released the news a few days ago.

According to an expert deployed by the National Investigation Bureau, the miners could also be used for the Ethereum miners.

It all seems to have been a piece of string. The fire hazard was also reported, because Tamás had made an amateur wooden frame construction. Considering the miners produce a lot of heat, this caused a dangerous situation.
Shocked reactions

Government officials react in a statement shocked:

„On the Dark Web, Bitcoin miners exchange the currency they produce with phishers and arms dealers. It seems that the politician was involved in this illegal activity, also stealing electricity from public money“.

They obviously still have an old image of Bitcoin. There are now listed companies that are holding Bitcoin on their balance sheet, something they probably don’t know about. The story of the ‚underworld‘ is no longer topical.

The mayor is also getting the news out loud:

„Why is everyone abandoning the party and our ideals? I’m really touched, deeply indignant, I just wasn’t prepared for that. I will never allow anyone to steal or commit any lawlessness in or around the municipality“.

It was not made clear how big the politician’s operation was, how long he had been doing it and which miners he used.
Other cases

It is certainly not the first time that stories like this come up. By mid-August, two more Bulgarian men had drained $1.5 million worth of electricity.

In August last year, a Ukrainian tried to hide mining rigs in the administrative part of a nuclear reactor.

A few months later, a number of people from the same Ukraine thought they could do the same. A number of officials of the national railroad Ukrzaliznytsya (literally translated: Ukrainian Railways) from the Lviv region connected hundreds of miners to the national electricity grid.

At the beginning of September it was that time again in Malaysia. In the state of Johor two men had been busy for three years. At that time they had stolen more than $600,000 worth of electricity.

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