Mastercard & Polygon Partner to Launch NFT Collections For Musicians

• Mastercard and Polygon have partnered to launch NFT collections in support of musicians.
• This is part of the recently launched Mastercard Artist Accelerator program, which provides educational materials, AI tools, and experiences for up-and-coming artists.
• The financial giant also announced a limited edition Mastercard Music Pass NFT, which will be available to music fans by the end of April.

Mastercard and Polygon Partner Up

Mastercard has partnered with Polygon to launch NFT collections as part of its recently launched Mastercard Artist Accelerator program. This initiative seeks to support up-and-coming artists by providing them with free educational materials, unique AI tools through collaborations, and priceless experiences to boost their creativity.

Introducing the Music Pass NFT

On Wednesday at NFT.NYC 2023, the largest NFT conference, the financial giant announced a limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass NFT. This key will unlock access to all the benefits of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program for five emerging musicians from across genres and geographies including Young Athena, Manu Manzu, LeriQ, Emily Vu, and Cocoa Sarai.

Mastercards Efforts To Embrace Web 3 Technologies

Mastercards efforts in embracing blockchain technology are aimed at helping people better understand and trust how digital assets are used. The company hopes that Web3 can be a powerful tool in connecting people and building communities around shared universal passions.

Polygons Success In Working With A Financial Giant

This collaboration between Mastercard and Polygon has once again demonstrated the superiority of Polygons tech stack within the billion dollar market. It is sure to further increase adoption of not just its network but also its native token MATIC which is currently trading just under $1.2 with over 7 percent weekly gains in price action.


The partnership between Mastercard and Polygon serves as an example that blockchain technology is being embraced more than ever before by even large organizations such as this one leading us into an increasingly digitalized world where traditional finance meets cryptocurrency markets like never before!

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