Polygon and Immutable Join Forces to Fuel Web3 Games Boom

• Polygon Labs announces a strategic partnership with Immutable, aimed at accelerating decentralized game development and Web3 adoption.
• The partnership will help game developers create and develop Web3-enabled games faster and easier, while reducing risk.
• Through the partnership, Polygon solidifies its position in the gaming industry by empowering developers and users to own their in-game assets.

Polygon Announces Partnership with Immutable

Polygon Labs has announced a new partnership with Immutable in order to accelerate decentralized game development and increase Web3 adoption even further. This collaboration between both platforms is designed to make the concept of launching games much faster for leading game studios as well as independent developers.

Immutable zkEVM Launch

The two companies are expected to launch an EVM-compatible ZK-rollup powered by Polygon technology called “Immutable zkEVM” in the coming months. Documentation is now available for developers interested in early integration with Immutable zkEVM.

Accelerating Game Development & Mass Adoption

According to Polygon, this partnership helps break down the decision-making process for developers when it comes to launching games; half of all blockchain activity came from games last year and three quarters of game developers expect to work on Web3 games in the future. Furthermore, this collaboration opens up the largest and most liquid ecosystem for users around the world.

Empowering Developers & Users

Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon Labs stated that this partnership is an important step forward towards empowering both developers and users by making it possible for them to own their in-game assets without having any major risks attached.


In conclusion, this new strategic partnership between Polygon and Immutable will help increase decentralization within gaming while also providing users with more control over their digital assets within these games.

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