QUBE Set to Ignite 10X Growth in Presale: TWT Sinks as Traders Sell

• InQubeta’s QUBE is set to witness a 10X leap during its presale, stirring immense interest among potential investors.
• Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is facing a downslide due to a confluence of factors.
• InQubeta’s platform aims to bridge the gap between investors and AI startups.

Overview of Trust Wallet Token (TWT) and InQubeta’s QUBE

This week marks an interesting dichotomy in the crypto landscape as Trust Wallet Token (TWT) has found itself on a downward trajectory with traders selling off their tokens, while InQubeta’s native token QUBE is poised for a 10X leap during its presale, stirring immense interest among potential investors.

InQubeta: Revolutionizing Investment in AI Market

At the core of InQubeta lies an innovative vision to revolutionize the way investments are made in the AI market. Its decentralized platform seeks to bridge the gap between investors and AI startups, thereby democratizing access to high-yield potential of the AI industry. The project’s native token, QUBE serves as the fuel that powers this innovative platform and has already crossed $2 million mark during its presale with no signs of slowing down. Furthermore, QUBE adopts a deflationary tokenomics structure which not only underpins value preservation but also serves as catalyst for value appreciation.

Reasons for TWT Downslide

The sudden downturn in TWT can be attributed to multiple factors such as overall market sentiment, strategic portfolio readjustments by traders or profit-taking maneuvers after period of gains. Despite this temporary dip in value, Trust Wallet still enjoys considerable popularity due continuous feature upgrades and growing user base which could potentially lead TWT recovery soon enough.


The crypto landscape continues to be volatile and full of opportunity at same time with Trust Wallet Token witnessing sell-off while InQubeta’s QUBE gaining immense traction among potential investors ahead of its presale round. The future looks bright for both projects with each having unique value propositions that have massive growth potential over long run

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